Lincoln Pathfinder

Shit went down in town

Kitty Daemon

Shit hit the fan. Charlotte killed someone and Jormungandr ran into the woods to escape from the 5 guards that were chasing him. Davian was locked up in place of Charlotte due to the fact that she was a cat. After Jormungandr came back he was “shocked” to her that the guards who had so wrongly tried to hold him against his will without charge, had yet to come back to town as he had “lost them” in the woods. He was taken to prison and put in a cell next to Davian. The inquisition rolled into town to raise the woman that Charlotte had killed (only Davian actually knew that Lotti did it and Jormungandr ran off before anything was revealed about the murder). Lotti got captured by the inquisition after she tried to steal back her amulet from them, which Davian had used to preserve the body of the dead woman. The party was questioned and the inquisition found nothing to prove that Lotti was a daemon and they let everyone go. The town was attacked by two earth elementals after the party left town. On their way to the fort, the party learned that the fort had a back entrance but was filled with electrical beasts (the party has knowledge about them). They were attacked by monsters and killed all of them.


pqman23 jeffuher

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