Lincoln Pathfinder

The Lamia Matriarch


After retreating and healing outside, the group went back to the 2nd floor and opened the chapel door. Waiting for the group was an ogre, who proved to be a minor challenge and then died. The group proceeded to the only place they had yet to explore in the keep, the lower level. When Davian, leading the party, entered the room, he saw the room had been converted into a room furnished with drapes and comfortable lounging furniture. In the midst of this room was a woman who began to speak, but was cut off by an arrow flying at her face. Jormungandr walked into the room after Davian and was less than thrilled to see another living creature in Fort Funk-this-place-hurts-like-a-bitch. She immediately turned into a lamia and began attacking the group. The group fought this bitch. They fought hard. The lamia disappeared. poof. gone. The group searched the fort and found that bitch in the chapel. They fought that bitch in the chapel. The shifty looking ranger fucker turned on the group and got shot down. The lamia disappeared again. After everyone had left to go search, Jormun put a spear in the head of the traitorous ranger and went after everyone else. After going downstairs and fighting for what seemed like seconds, the lamia disappeared AGAIN. The group went back upstairs and killed that bitch.


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