Turtleback Ferry

Turtleback Ferry is a small township perched on the rain-drenched north shore of Claybottom Lake. Three distinctive ferries crafted from the shells of giant turtles slain by Autek Lavendy, one of the town’s founders, make Turtleback Ferry the central trading town for the region. Nearly 80 miles from Ilsurian, the next town of similar size, Turtleback Ferry has nominally been under Magnimarian rule for 45 years, an arrangement the settlement agreed to in return for protection from the region’s ogres and ogrekin.

Governance: autocratic (mayor)
Population: ~430 (Humans, Gnomes, Halflings)

Notable Individuals


  • Magnimar, by land, 400 miles along the north bank of the Yondabakari River. About a 2 week journey by foot or 1 week on horseback
  • Magnimar, by river barge, one week journey with a fee of 50 gp per passenger

Turtleback Ferry

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